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Moringa trees are indigenous to the Himalayan foothills and are currently cultivated extensively in India and parts of Asia.  Commercial production continues to spread around the world, but remains elusive to the United States for the most part; that in part is due to lack of awareness of its spectrum of activity, plus the plants’ growing zone requirements limit production to tropical or subtropical regions. 

Research for additional uses of Moringa are actively being pursued in the USA but mostly in the medicinal and nutritional markets. It is not feasible to consider bringing the fresh, unprocessed materials from non-USA countries due to the time frame for shipment and the processing requirements that may alter natural properties that are being sought out in the raw material. 

It is Miracle Tree Farms goal to increase development of the raw materials, promote awareness of the benefits, and support research and industry that could move to a more sustainable and safer system for delivering our food and water sources.

Miracle Tree Farms is currently growing Moringa trees on its 10-acre farm in South Central Florida.  We hope this to be a far cry from acreage requirements in the near future and will be looking to partner with other growers as industry needs grow. 

The astounding beneficial properties of the entire plant could potentially lead to indefinite end product development, thus increasing it’s cultivation and availability requirements in the United States.

Some areas that are being explored for possible uses of Moringa as a sustainable American product are:  

¨      Human nutrition = Food and Supplement products

¨      Medicine = Cancer, H. pylori, antibacterial, antifungal, etc

¨      Skin Care = Oil

¨      Livestock feed = Fresh or dried leaves

¨      Water purification = Pods

¨      Promoting crop growth = Extract




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